Code 01 - Abnormal Voltage/Current

Usually a battery problem. Battery replacement recommended.  
Code 02 - throttle fault (Throttle Fault)  
Most likely the thumb throttle is defective.  
Code 03 - Motor operational problem (motor phase problem) 
A defect in the pedal sensor is likely.  
Code 04 - Motor Hall Defect (Motor Hall Defect) 
80% controller defective, 20% motor defective.  
Code 05 - Failure of the brake (Brake failed) 
Pull off the E-brake lever and drive again. Replace brake lever. 
Code 06 - Under Voltage 
Problem with battery connector. Mainly at the NCM Prague, corrosion or charring on the battery seat. Cleaning or replacement of battery connector.  
Code 07 - Stalling the motor (motor stalling). 
Most likely a faulty motor or controller.  
Code 08 - Unusual controller message (Abnormal Controller Communication)
Check sensor for function, otherwise check controller cable. Replace controller.
Code 09 - Abnormal Display Communication.