Here are the things you should take note when unboxing our NCM Aspen Plus. Watch this video to learn more about the different bike parts included in the package and how to assemble them. Share this info with your buddies

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Steps on how to unbox and assemble NCM Aspen Plus

1. For health & safety, always have two grown adults carry the box

 The package itself is quite heavy. You need to be extra careful to avoid any damages or accidents.

2. Cut the box with a Stanley knife on one side

This would allow you to keep the bike upright as you check the parts included on the package.

3. Check box contents

The parcel should contain: NCM Aspen Plus manual, tools, charger, and pedals. (Please refer to the video to identify each parts)

4. Top cap needs to be unscrewed, remove pvc spacer with the Allen key supplied

Before you can put the handlebar in place, you need to remove the top cap with the use of Allen key tool supplied in the box.

5.  Install the handlebar in position

6. Insert the top cap

7. Align the front wheel to be straight

You need to make sure that the front wheel is aligned, before screwing the top cap back completely.

8. Tighten top cap and side screws with allen key

9. Fit wheel in position and tighten quick release firmly

10.  Pedals indicate Left and Right to fit correctly on the bike

Tighten up by hand first and then use a 15mm spanner. Right pedal is tightened clock wise. Left pedal is tightened anti-clockwise.

11. Adjust the seat post height to your preference

12. Check brakes, tyre pressure, gear chain tension, reflectors

Always wear a helmet before you ride. Stay Stafe!

Photo by VicRoads

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